About Us

Gold & Gold is a gold jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler, headquartered in Istanbul. The founders of Gold & Gold have been in the jewelry business since 1974. The first workshop was opened in Çemberlitaş, Istanbul in 1974. By virtue of its hardworking and professional team, work ethics, and trustworthiness, the company stood out from others and has been serving as one of the leaders in the industry.

Until 2017, the company had been operating under the name of “Oray Jewelry”. Since day one, the company has been working with a “whatever it takes” mindset. The company welcomes special requests and looks at client relations as a long term asset. As a result, the company has constantly organized itself to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With such a business ethos, Gold & Gold constantly strives to satisfy the specific needs of its broad pool of clients locally and globally. Gold & Gold exerts a great deal of effort to make sure each product meets the highest standard of industry accepted norms.
The company manufactures, distributes, and markets its products strictly wholesale to trade. Gold & Gold products range from but are not limited to 14-Karat gold. Based on the order, the company is capable of manufacturing different karat types.

Today, Gold & Gold is almost unmatched in the business with its high selection of products and service. Every relationship rests on trust and that is what the company attempts to establish and maintain with every client that it encounters. We take pride to offer an expansive selection of gold jewelry pieces (chains, bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings) at accessible, wholesale prices.